Hotel 3000 Jyuraku

Taito-ku Nishiasakusa 2-14-12, Tokyo, 111-0035, Japan

About Hotel 3000 Jyuraku

Conveniently located just a minute's walk away from Asakusa Station, Hotel 3000 Jyuraku features a self-service drink counter and free WiFi access. The front desk operates 24-hours a day and offers free toiletries such as combs, toothbrushes, razors and shaving gel. Sets of toiletries are available for female guests. Property staff can assist guests with arranging birthday or graduation parties. In addition, the property holds events on site depending on the season.

There is an on-site concierge where guests can inquire about popular destinations and activities nearby. Property staff can reserve amusement park or event tickets on guest's behalf. Computers with Internet access are available for free in the shared lounge. There is a common dining area and kitchen that is equipped with an electric kettle, refrigerator, microwave and kitchenware. Towels, hairdryers, bicycle and baby pushchair rentals are available free of charge. A coin-operated washing machine and dryer are available at the property.

Hotel 3000 Jyuraku offers private rooms and dormitory rooms with bunk beds. Private and shared bathrooms feature amenities including shampoo and conditioner. 24-hour personal lockers are available for guests staying in dormitory rooms.

Senso-ji Temple is a 7-minute walk from the property, while Asakusa Engei Hall is just a 5-minute walk away. Hanayashiki attraction park is a 5-minute walk from this hotel. Guests can reach Tokyo Skytree for shopping, dining and sightseeing in 15 minutes on Tobu Skytree Line. Ginza Station is accessible in 20 minutes via a direct train on Ginza Line. The nearest airport is Haneda Airport, a 50-minute train ride from the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The property is located at Taito-ku Nishiasakusa 2-14-12 in Tokyo.

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No, this hotel does not have a pool, but it has other amenities for guests to enjoy. Please see the hotel description above for more information.

No, this hotel does not have an on-site restaurant. Check out the hotel description and the location map to explore local dining options as well.

Breakfast may be available at Hotel 3000 Jyuraku, and may come free with your room, depending on your selection. Please check for dates and room availability above to see what's included with your stay.

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Hotel 3000 Jyuraku
Taito-ku Nishiasakusa 2-14-12, Tokyo, 111-0035, Japan


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