The Ultimate Southeast Fall Road Trip In Under 13 Hours Of Driving

November 29, 2019

The fall is the perfect time to travel the Southeast. It’s warmer than the north and has the autumn foliage for nature lovers not found in the Midwest. Take a journey to four states along the east coast with the following destination guide that clocks in under 13 hours of driving -- leaving more time for sightseeing!

Starting Destination: Atlanta, Georgia

Starting Destination: Atlanta, Georgia

Check out Piedmont Park in Atlanta for pleasant views and great restaurants.

As one of the busiest airports in the world, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson offers over 1,000 flights a day all over the country. Pair that with the fact that it offers 13 different rental car company options, and it makes an ideal starting point for any out of town road trip. November weather usually ranges from the high 50s to the low 70s in Atlanta, making the perfect climate for an autumn stroll to check out what the city has to offer. There may be no more perfect urban jaunt in the south than Piedmont Park. The 185-acre park has been an Atlanta staple since the 1800s and continues to attract locals and tourists every fall with festivals and beautiful foliage. Running along Piedmont Park is the BeltLine, a trail that traverses northern Atlanta with cool shops, restaurants and neighborhoods along the way.

Stop 1: Greenville, South Carolina (2hr 30min, 145 miles)

Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville blends its surrounding beauty into its downtown landscape.

In November, Greenville hosts its annual Craft Beer Festival and Fall Harvest Festival. Greenville typically has crisp November weather (mid-50s to mid-60s), making it the ideal time of year to check out the beautiful surrounding areas. Paris Mountain State Park is only a 20-minute drive from downtown and offers a plethora of different trails, routes and natural beauty for hikers of any experience level.

Stop 2: Asheville, North Carolina (1hr 10min, 63 miles)

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville offers the perks of a unique town with a somewhat big city feel all in the middle of breathtaking mountains.

Food, beer, hiking, repeat. Asheville has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., earning it the nickname “Beer City.” If all the craft beer doesn’t fill you up, Asheville offers numerous restaurants that would satisfy any foodie’s palette. Although Asheville has some amazing views around town, brisk temperatures near the end of November means hiking and other outdoor activities are not for the faint of heart. On your way out of town, make sure to take the Blue Ridge Parkway, which offers some amazing views of the Smoky Mountains on the way to the next stop.

Stop 3: Roanoke, Virginia (3hr 40min, 245 miles)

Roanoke, Virginia

Escape from reality with this gem city found in the heart of Virginia.

Every November, Roanoke hosts the Smith Mountain Lake Chili & Craft Festival where you can find some of the best chili this side of the Mississippi. In the fall, you can check out the weekly Friday Night Jamboree located at Floyd Country Store. The first hour is gospel music, followed by two dance bands. Roanoke also hosts its Soup and Wine Festival every November just in case you didn't get enough chili the first time around. It may not be October anymore, but you can still enjoy Roanoke’s corn mazes or pumpkin farms. If you’re lucky enough to be there on a Saturday, head over to Lane Stadium and see the Virginia Tech Hokies play some football.

Stop 4: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia (2h 30 min, 151 miles)

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Take on the outdoors and breathe the fresh air at Shenandoah National Park.

The views and trails found at Shenandoah National Park are so magnificent that they’ll attract even the biggest homebodies. Bike on Skyline Drive, explore exhibits throughout the park, and enjoy the view of a starry night sky. Night temperatures can drop into the 30s, but park cabins and local Luray hotels offer the perfect safe haven to enjoy the beautiful scenery while staying warm. If you encounter some bad weather, there are several local distilleries and wineries to occupy your time until things clear up.

Final Destination: Washington, D.C. (2hr 40 min, 115 miles)

Washington, D.C.

Experience all of the nation’s history in D.C. while enjoying great food and drinks around town.

There is always something fun going on in the nation’s capital throughout the year. Explore the rich Smithsonian Museum, take a stroll through the National Mall, or sit back on a double-decker bus and soak up history and heritage. In November, D.C. also hosts Death Becomes Us: A True Crime Festival, the George Washington Whiskey Festival, and much more. Beyond festivals and museums, D.C. is also home to an underrated food scene. The Wharf, located on the Washington Channel, has several great restaurants and monumental views.

Fall is a time to explore and see new places. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains or visiting out of town festivals, Guest ReservationsTM has you covered with over 100,000 lodging options worldwide.

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