Eurostars Madrid Gran Via

Leganitos, 13, Madrid, 28013, Spain

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About Eurostars Madrid Gran Via

Located right in the heart of Madrid's culture and entertainment hub, between Gran Vía St. and Callao Square, Eurostars Madrid Gran Vía provides a comfortable atmosphere and a warm, meticulously appointed space with all the comforts of a four-star hotel.

Eurostars Madrid Gran Vía is a modern hotel completely renovated in 2018 with carefully chosen materials and tasteful decor in the rooms and the collective areas, right in the heart of Madrid. All the staff working at the hotel consider service and customer care the most important priority.

The hotel serves a breakfast buffet with a wide array of dishes. Price 14,00EUR taxes included.

There is no restaurant in the hotel, but the staff will be pleased to recommend the best restaurants in the area, depending on the kind of food you fancy that day.

Free WiFi connection

Parking: The hotel has a limited number of parking spaces arranged with a private indoor parking located 100 meters away from the hotel. The parking spaces are subject to availability and no parking reservations are made. Upon arrival at the hotel, the reception will indicate availability, how to access and prior deposit of 10 € will hand over the key to access. Upon leaving the parking will have to return the key for the return of the deposit delivered.

Indoor parking fee (23 € / day).

Access to the hotel: the hotel is located on calle Leganitos, a street inside the protected area for traffic called “Zona de Madrid Central” of the City Council of Madrid.

If you go with private vehicle, take into account to avoid fines that you will need to inform to reception the plaque number of the car as the number of days the car will be in use for the hotel area during your stay. Reception will report the city council of the car plaque to avoid fines.

  • Only electric and hybrid cars can get into the “Zona de Madrid Central! Without communicating to reception, the plaque number. Eco vehicles are allowed to park on the street a maximum of 2 hours.
  • The hotel will not be responsible for the fines if the car owner is not communicating the car information to reception
  • Restrictions on “Madrid Central” are not related to pollution scenarios, the driver must check the policy in advance and the property will not be responsible.


  • Room Service
  • 24 hour front desk
  • Concierge
  • Internet Access - Free Public Access
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Laundry
  • Non-Smoking Facility


Eurostars Madrid Gran Via
Leganitos, 13, Madrid, 28013, Spain


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