Hotel Mentana

Hotel Mentana Address Via Morigi 2, , Milan, 20123, Italy

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About Hotel Mentana

In Milan, art and design meet at Hotel Mentana. Only 400 meters from the Cathedral, the wonderful Cathedral and monument symbol of Milan dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, very close to Fashion Quadrilateral, where all the boutiques and designer showrooms, shops and ateliers of the most important names in fashion.

Placed a short walk from Pusterla di Sant’Ambrogio, door opened in 1171 in the historic medieval ring, in one of the most characteristical corners of Milan, Hotel Mentana is in the process of rebirth. Out of its 32 rooms, seven of them are ready to welcome you, each one with its individual language and its uniqueness, all rooms are characterized by a refined and contemporary design within simplicity. Thanks to a brilliant entrepreneur like Franco Rocchi and his collaboration with the artist-designer Ara, Hotel Mentana, at the end of its renovation, will hem in something unique in its genre. A new concept of hospitality for everyone who, in Milan, is looking not only for a “home”, a place to meet, but also also a “stop-over” with themselves and with the “bellus”, the beauty that is visible, the beauty that you can hear, the simplest and most direct way of living everyday through art, through strategy of the “emotional marketing”… looking to create a loving synergy between the Hotel and its client, privileging the role of the five senses like a “seductive tool”... You will be able to share flavors, perfumes, sounds and situations; you’ll be able to learn to observe better through the textures of the materials, it will be a pleasure share each moment, see a video, listen to live music, participate in the preview of the month, read a book… Yes, because the bookcrossing will pass by here as well and the library at your disposal will grow day by day with who passed by, but moreover, with the young students to whom Franco Rocchi will give the possibility, to have at their disposal two rooms, at any point in time during the year booking in advance, at extremely low rates; in a four star in the heart of Milan for whom loves and shares the Mentana philosophy and doesn’t want to miss out on the experience. Moreover..., it will be nice to lose yourself in the winding roads of the old city, between courtyard and cloisters of inimitable harmony and beauty, on the footsteps of Ludovico il Moro and of Bramante. It will be a pleasure to walk on the old cobbled streets of Santa Maria delle Grazie and visit the Cenacolo Vinciano, the librabry Ambrosiana and its Pinacoteca, via Lansone and the places dear to Petrarca, till Piazza Borromeo and the small alleys of antiquary, the National Museum of Science and Technology, the Archeological Museum, the Università Cattolica and the most modern Piazza Affari which, along with the rest, will entertain you in this city whilst falling in love.


Hotel Mentana
Via Morigi 2, , Milan, 20123, Italy


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