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Hotel Sumadija

Sumadijski Trg 8, Belgrade, 11030, Serbia

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About Hotel Sumadija

Hotel Sumadija is peacefully located 1.2 mi from the Belgrade business district, 3.1 mi from the city center. It offers free WiFi and free parking. The hotel is within walking distance from the Belgrade Hippodrome, Ada Ciganlija Lake and the local recreation center. Belgrade Fair is 0.9 mi away, The relaxing, comfortable restaurant can seat up to 150 people and serves international and national cuisine. During the summer a garden restaurant is also available. Sumadija Hotel also has a café bar offering various kinds of beer and sandwiches. The spa and wellness center provides individual massages performed by highly trained massage therapists. Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport is 9.3 mi away, and Hotel Sumadija offers airport pick-up on request and at a surcharge.


  • Room Service
  • Car Rental
  • 24 hour front desk
  • Fitness Center
  • Restaurant
  • Concierge
  • Masks are available to guests
  • Guests are provided with free hand sanitizer
  • Social distancing measures are in place
  • ATM Machine
  • Currency Exchange
  • Business Center
  • Lounge/Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

The property is located at Sumadijski Trg 8 in Belgrade.

Prices vary based on dates and availability. Select the dates of your stay above to find the best price on all available rooms.

No, this hotel does not have a pool, but it has other amenities for guests to enjoy. Please see the hotel description above for more information.

Yes, this hotel does have at least one on-site restaurant to enjoy during your stay. Room service is also available should you prefer meals from the comfort of your room. Check out the hotel description above to learn more about the dining options available at Hotel Sumadija.

Breakfast may be available at Hotel Sumadija, and may come free with your room, depending on your selection. Please check for dates and room availability above to see what's included with your stay.

Guests at Hotel Sumadija can enjoy amenities such as a fitness center or gym, restaurant and bar/lounge during their stay. Check out the hotel description to learn more about the amenities available during your stay.

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Hotel Sumadija
Sumadijski Trg 8, Belgrade, 11030, Serbia


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