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An independent booking service offering over 100,000 hotels worldwide.

If you're looking to learn what Guest Reservations is all about, you've come to the right place. At Guest Reservations, we're focused on connecting travelers to the most relevant deals possible. Through our dynamic website content, streamlined landing pages, and targeted advertising we're able to connect users to the perfect hotel. Rather than just connect thousands of customers to the same listing page, we focus on connecting each user to the most relevant hotel. The result is a streamlined booking experience so you can focus on packing and not booking!

As an independent booking service offering over 100,000 hotels worldwide, we can get you the same deals you expect with a bigger travel agency or direct from the hotel. Combine these deals with our "all devices" booking engine, strict privacy focus, and world-class support and you have the Guest Reservations difference.




Our Pride and Joy

At Guest Reservations we tried a new approach to booking travel

User Focus, no distractions

Most hotel booking sites and online travel agencies focus too much on content creation and not enough on content sequencing. We believe sequencing users to the right content is just as important, especially on mobile which is harder to navigate. Our team of hotel experts creates customized landing pages for each hotel and optimized booking flows. In our testing this resulted in an average time-to-book well below industry averages, especially on mobile. As a team we will keep pushing to deliver the right page at the right time, focused on helping you spend less time booking.

One platform, 10,000+ experiences

Anyone who has booked multiple hotels knows the pain of dealing with outdated website designs. Rather than have to figure out a new user system each time you want to book, Guest Reservations is one platform that has a consistent experience across 10,000+ properties. We offer one flow, one experience, across all devices. So next time you're trying to book from a website that hasn't been updated in years, try Guest Reservations instead.