Paseo De La Reforma 465, Col. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, 06500, Mexico

About Marquis SKY SUITES

Located in Reforma, Marquis Sky Suites is adjacent to Paseo de la Reforma and whitin a 5-minute walk other popular sights like The Angel of Independence Monument, the hotel welcomes guest with 3 restaurants, a full-service spa and a fitness center.

Marquis SkySuites offers butler service only available in the top floor suites. This recently renovated suite features King bed or Two Double beds. In-room amenities include high-speed Internet, bathrobes and slippers, 65" Full HD Smart TV, 2 Nespresso capsules per day, shoe-polishing service, pressing service for 1 item of clothing per room, per day. American breakfast and Spa Access (18+). 

Featuring 15 exclusive SKYSUITES with the following benefits: 

- Butler service 

- Internet

- Breakfast 

- 2 daily Nespresso pods

- Wine and hors d'ouvre in the afternoon 

- 1 suit pressing per stay 

- Shoe shining 

- Access to the Spa Marquis and Fitness Center 



  • Upon arrival all guests will pass through an Auto Sanitizing Gate and Sanitizing Mat that will be located at the main entrance.
  • Guest room allocation at 30% per floor to allow a healthy distance between each room.
  • There will be a special area conditioned to fulfill the social distancing recommendations where we will welcome all guests, take their corporal temperature with infrared thermometers to avoid contact.
  • Thermographic cameras will be placed in the main lobby to measure the corporal temperature of all clients visiting restaurants and different areas of the hotel.
  • The personal will wear face masks, disposable gloves and face shields.
  • The hotel transportation will be thoroughly sanitized internally and externally prior each guest transfer and will be equipped with sanitizing products for your use.
  • Doorman and managers will greet guests, while maintaining a safe distance, with no physical contact.
  • Hand sanitizers/disinfectant gel and disposable masks will be available at the entrance of the lobby.
  • All guests will undergo temperature checks, before entering the hotel. Guests running a temperature over  4°F will be met by a hotel manager to provide medical assistance and advise further course of action.
  • Handbag trays will be sanitized after every baggage scan.
  • Hotel umbrellas will be disinfected in each use.
  • Car keys will be sanitized at delivery with the doorman and when they are returned to guests.
  • All guides / local agents will undergo temperature checks upon their arrival.
  • Any visitors with a temperature over 100.4°F will not be allowed to enter the hotel. Face masks will be mandatory and available for anyone who does not have one.
  • All baggage will be sanitized by the arrival with correctly formulated disinfectant.
  • Each guest will find in their rooms a hand sanitizer for their personal use.

Check In and Check Out experience:

  • Guests arriving from restricted countries or regions will be required to share detailed information, as prescribed by the ministry of Tourism’s protocols, prior arrival.
  • All information required for registration will be requested in advance to reduce the time spent upon arrival.
  • Digitized check-out formalities with e-bills and online payments will be available on request.
  • Guests are requested to advise check-out plans at least 60 minutes in advance so that the bills can be prepared in time for the check-out.


  • All protocols are based on the recommendations made by the WHO (World Health Organization) as well as Mexican Health Authorities.
  • Their cleaning staff will be continuously cleaning and doing sanitization of all touch points in the lobby and other public areas such as counter tops, telephones, door handles, elevator buttons, railings and lobby & guest corridor furniture.
  • Rugs will be vacuumed, and floors mopped with disinfectant solution.
  • Ash urns in smoking areas will be cleaned and sanitized every thirty minutes.
  • Signage will be presented in the lobby for maintaining safe distances.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at all counters, cloakrooms, restaurants, guests corridors and guests rooms.
  • Unused room linen and bath linen will also be sent to the laundry after every
  • Deep cleaning of rooms will be done with extra focus on surfaces such as door handles, knobs, remote controls, writing tabletops, switches, telephones, WC flush handles, health faucets, vanity counters and floors.
  • Pillows, cushions, sheets, sheet protectors, shower curtains, duvets and all linen will be sent to the laundry for cleaning after each guest departure.
  • Heavy curtains, sheer curtains, blinds, rugs, upholstered furniture and headboard cladded with fabric will be deep cleaned after every departure.
  • In occupied rooms all used glassware will be washed in a dishwasher for high temperature cleaning at above 176°F.
  • Handrail, staircase and staircase landing in fire exit areas will be cleaned every day.
  • The rooms will be subject to strict sanitization processes before the guest arrival and after each guest departure, using cutting-edge technology and certified sanitizing products.
  • Additionally, they have acquired special UV equipment used for the elimination of any kind of bacteria and virus. These devices will be used to sanitize all high-risk surfaces such as telephones, controls, handles, buttons, etc., applying double disinfection process.

Restaurants & Bar:

  • Restaurant seating will be reconfigured to ensure safe distances.
  • Entrance doors will be open during meal periods. If the door needs to be kept shut, assistance will be offered so guests do not have to touch handles.
  • All tables and chairs will be sanitized before and every meal period and every guest use.
  • All electronic menu tablets and credit card machines will be sanitized before and every use.  The staff will sanitize hands before holding the tablets and card machines or exchanging any currency. Sanitizer gel will be presented to the guest along with all bill folders.
  • Alcohol display trolleys with bottles and humidors will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each meal period.
  • Equipment such as coffee machines, ice crusher machines, ice machine doors, induction surfaces, cutlery trolleys, tea selection boxes, etc. will be sanitized in every use or on a frequent basis.
  • The Hotel renews every year its certification named: “Distintivo H” which is a special certification for restaurants following the highest sanitation standards according to the Mexican Norm: NMX-F605-NORMEX-2018.
  • Certification of suppliers and strict sanitization and quality guidelines that must be fulfilled during the reception of supplies and merchandises.
  • New service standards to minimize the personal contact, for example all the restaurant menus will be displayed in your mobile using a QR code.
  • Strict guidelines for the reception of staff, as well as the equipment to be used during their shifts. Hygienic handling of foods with hospital-grade disinfection processes for kitchens and utensils.

In Room Dining:

  • In-room dining trolleys and warmers will be cleaned and disinfected ahead every use.
  • Service staff will wear disposable gloves, face masks, face shields and carry hand sanitizers, maintaining a safe distance.
  • All dishes will be covered with a cloche.
  • Canned beverages will be opened by the server only after seeking guests permission.


  • Kitchen staff will enter the kitchen in fresh uniform, hair nets, chef caps and aprons. On each occasion, they will wash their hands prior to entering the kitchen.
  • The staff will be wearing face masks. Gloves will be worn in all areas of the kitchen other than at the hot cooking range. Gloves will be changed, and hands washed after every task.
  • All ladles and knives will be washed and sanitized after every use.
  • All surfaces and tabletops will be cleaned with a sanitizing solution ahead every use.
  • All fruits and vegetables will be washed in 50 PPft chlorine before entering the hotel as well as the kitchen.
  • Grocery packets will be sprayed with 100 PPft chlorine or quarantined away from the main building. Meat, poultry and seafood will be washed and sanitized thoroughly.

Fitness Center:

  • Hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and disposable masks will be   placed in the fitness center for guests  use
  • TV and music system remotes and headphones will be sanitized each guests use.
  • All touch points, including doorknobs, switch plates, thermostats etc, will be sanitized after each guests use.
  • All equipment will be sanitized after every guest use.

Swimming Pool & Spa:

  • Chlorine dosage will be monitored every 30 minutes and maintained at 0.8 – 1 PPft.
  • Handrails will be disinfected at each guests use.
  • Lounge towels will be changed, and pool loungers will be sanitized after each guests use.
  • Pool furniture will be arranged to ensure that a safe distance is maintained between each of them.
  • Towel baskets will be sanitized before placing fresh towels with no more than two fresh towels per basket.

Business Center:

  • All equipment will be sanitized after every guest use.
  • Each desk, chair, work area and all equipment will be sanitized at each use.


  • Laundry staff will wear face masks and disposable gloves.
  • All laundry hangers, laundry bags, wicker baskets and basket liners will be sanitized before and after laundry delivery.
  • Separate handbags will be used to transport soiled and fresh linen from guest rooms to housekeeping and laundry to avoid cross contamination.

Protection Equipment for collaborators & guests:

  • All hotel staff will be equipped with face masks, mouth masks, medical gloves and overall suits depending of their role in the hotel.
  • All guests will be provided with a Sanitizing Kit containing one hand sanitizer gel and one mouth mask.

Social Distancing Guidelines:

  • Clear safety signs.
  • The capacity of restaurants and meeting rooms will be limited to the maximum capacity established by the authorities. Making sure to always leave a 1.5 meters distance between tables.
  • During check in, the space between each person will be duly marked to maintain a safe distance. The access to the elevators will be limited to a specific number of guests to guarantee a safe distance too.

Frequently Asked Questions

The property is located at Paseo De La Reforma 465, Col. Cuauhtemoc in Mexico City.

Prices vary based on dates and availability. Select the dates of your stay above to find the best price on all available rooms.

No, this hotel does not have a pool, but it has other amenities for guests to enjoy. Please see the hotel description above for more information.

No, this hotel does not have an on-site restaurant. Check out the hotel description and the location map to explore local dining options as well.

Breakfast may be available at Marquis SKY SUITES, and may come free with your room, depending on your selection. Please check for dates and room availability above to see what's included with your stay.

We offer a wide variety of rates on Marquis SKY SUITES. Discounted rates are available throughout the year, depending on your travel dates. Search for your dates above and we'll show you our lowest prices.

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Paseo De La Reforma 465, Col. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, 06500, Mexico

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